A Fangirl's Recap of the 2015 Lesbians Who Tech Summit

Celesbians! Spaceships! Werther’s!

T 1
Three seemingly unrelated things I wasn’t expecting to find at the 2nd annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco. But I did find them, and they MADE MY DAY.
As soon as I round the corner to the Castro Theatre last Friday, I saw the lesbians. ALL THE LESBIANS. Y’all, there were so many lesbians. 1,200, to be exact. One of the first lesbians I saw was my dear roommate, Yarin (Lead Designer at HER), and then Robyn… also known as my future wife (shhh, she doesn’t know that yet).
As I looked for a seat in the Castro Theater, I ran into Bria & Chrissy, one of my favorite YouTube celesbian couples! Obviously, I fangirl’ed out, made plans to have lunch with them on Monday, and then settled in for the Summit kick-off.
T 2
Mid-way through the first speaker I decided to check on the Google Recruiting team at the Connection Zone, a place where Summit attendees can talk to corporations who have sponsored the Summit. And that’s where I saw the spaceships!
Basically, Oculus brought their A game. And their A game was a virtual reality headset where you shoot at spaceships by tapping on your goggles. I was shooting spaceships for at least 10 minutes before I remembered I was supposed to be checking on the Google booth… and generally doing things that didn’t involve spinning around in a chair like a 10-year-old.
T 3
After the spaceships, I visited GE’s photo booth:
T 7
Then I got a macaroon from LinkedIn’s gay macaroon tower (read: GAY MACAROON TOWER) and a tee shirt. Before I could leave, they stopped me and said “To get a tee shirt, you need to go upstairs for your free LinkedIn professional head shot,” to which I replied “WHAT?! Two birds, no stones… I’m in!”
T 5
I debated going back to the spaceships for round 2, but decided, instead, to venture around to various lunch talks. I got rejected from the first one because I didn’t sign up (Didn’t they know who I was!? They did. I had a name tag.) but then I found a bomb Korean bulgogi food truck so I ate that and meandered around, like a kid in Disneyland. In fact, I ran into Leanne Pittsford, Founder of Lesbians Who Tech, and our conversation went a little something like this:
L: “Hey! How’s it going?”
T: “Leanne, this is awesome! I’m at Disneyland! There are Werther’s candies upstairs!”
L: “Umm… ?”
T: “Oh, no. There’s more obviously. Spaceships! And LinkedIn has a macaroon tower! And all my friends are here too!”
L: “Haha. I love you, Tracey.”
T (as Leanne walked away): “And the speakers… and content… and…”
I spent the rest of the afternoon bouncing off the walls in my excitement – seeing old friends, making new friends, and witnessing live marriage proposals on stage (okay, there was only one, but still)!
After the Summit we went to The Cafe for the LWT Afterparty, where I spent most of my time with Team HER soaking up my true feelings about the day. The sense of community. The inspiring lesbian women doing incredible things. The allies who support us. The pure joy I felt the entire day.
T 6
Then I hopped a railing and ‘Irish Goodbye’d’ like nobody’s business. I was le tired!
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