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Ms. Jackson is a DRTYBTCH

By Ms. Jackson |

Ms. Jackson here.  Your HER music contributor, brand ambassador and sexy lady lover 😜. If you’re new to HER or you’ve been stalking the app daily I want to turn you on to DRTYBTCH.  I just released three remix tracks for Beyoncé, Azealia Banks and Selena Gomez under my music brand DRTYBTCH < http://www.drtybtch.com >.  You’re asking yourself DRTYBTCH. I know?  DRTYBTCH empowers sexual fluidity, body type and expression with music.  We as women, trans and queer all go through struggles with societies expectation of what we should look like, be like, act like.  I wanted to create an outlet to make people feel powerful and sexy.  This is DRTYBTCH!

I want you to enjoy these remixes below and comment to tell me what you think!


unnamed (1)



unnamed (2)


unnamed (3)

Want to help support DRTYBTCH?  Make a donation at https://fundly.com/drtybtch to help us get DRTYBTCH to the masses!

Ms. Jackson has been rocking the turntables at some of the best parties and venues in San Francisco for years. But before SF she started out in her hometown of Seattle at heritage Rhythmic/CHR station KUBE. After a while she was offered the opportunity to work at VH1 in New York City where she became the Director of Music Programming. NYC inspired her early passion as a DJ, and she brought that passion back to the Bay where she gets the party started several times a week. "I'm so lucky that music has always been there to inspire and keep me motivated everyday. There's nothing better in this world than creating the energy to make people dance.”

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