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5 Times Our Favorite Youtubers Got Gay Charm Spot On

By Berlyn Gallardo |

Last week we revealed your votes for your Top 10 Favorite YouTubers. Here are 5 times they totally got how we get our gay charm on i.e. exemplifying your charm in the gayest way possible.

1. Remaining calm when your gaydar fails to detect high-frequency waves of gay


2. Telling true stories we can ALL relate to


3. THE smoothest move of all time


4. Implementing the gay agenda: bringing out the gay one gal at a time


5. Casually asking girls on first dates in the most casual way…


What’s the best way you get your gay charm on? Let us know!

Berlyn Gallardo is a California girl who loves books, the beach, and the babes. She's enthusiastic, witty, outgoing, and a bit of a neat freak. Berlyn is a big wine lover and a proud lipstick lesbian. She is the head admin of the Girlswholikegirls blog dedicated to helping lesbians meet other gay gals on Tumblr.

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Recent comments:

Alejandra | 3 years ago

I had to google the counting shoulders line. It's so clever! I would totally swoon. Hahaha

Ausinette | 3 years ago

I just ask if they wanna make out... Usually works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

h | 3 years ago

I love the fact that I have seen all of those before😄