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A Public Message To Chloe At AfterEllen.Com

Jul 12, 2013

Yesterday, we think we may have come close to committing the unthinkable: upsetting one of our favourite online teams – After Ellen, and more specifically, Chloe. She did a great round up of some of the lesbian dating apps out there and although we were glad to get on the list, we’re worried that you think we’ve snubbed you Chloe. We would never snub you. We dig you ladies too much. Sadly, Chloe couldn’t find Her (formerly: Dattch) to review it as we’re not on the American app store.

And you’re not alone Chloe, we’ve had people from Dubai, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, France and Spain, all asking us where they can get Her from. But as you’ll all have realised, we’re only available in the UK at the moment.
Please don’t get the wrong impression, we want to be with you, all of you, you funny, sexy, flirty, fierce and fit (or hot as y’all Americans would say) international ladies. And we don’t want to upset you, or in fact anyone else outside of the UK, so we thought we would take this opportunity to explain why we haven’t just launched in all countries, all cities and all languages, all at the same time.

We want to build something new and different. Something that changes how dating apps are used by women and an app that works specifically for women. From our first few months of testing our basic version of the app we’ve learned a lot about what women are looking for and we’re building our whole service to address this. So while we do that, we’ll carry on testing it in the UK and then get ready to bring it out to the rest of the world. The worst thing we could do is launch Her in a country where we don’t give it everything we have to make sure it’s great.  And while we’re focusing on building a great product, we can’t create a great community in your fine homeland.

BUT!  We will.  We really, really will.  And in the meantime, we’re building our website to share the great stuff we see and hear from our community so people can at least get a sense of what Her is about and what we stand for, before we launch the app there.

We’re sorry.  We want to be with you.  We want to be with you forever and always.  But if you’re OK to hold out a few more months, we promise it will be worth the wait.  If you think we’ve got a cute website, just wait until you’ve seen our new app…..

Robyn Exton
CEO of Her

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