Apparently, Child Abuse Made You Gay

The 700 Club is a religious show that airs on the Christian Broadcasting Network in the US and worldwide and it features outspoken religious leader, Pat Robinson.  Not content with just spouting nonsense about homosexuals, which Robinson has done many times previously, the 700 Club is also a show people can write in to and get advice from, so Robinson gets to personalise his antiquated views.
One woman wrote to the show, seeking advice after her 21-year-old daughter came out as being in a gay relationship.  Robinson’s ultimate advice was love your daughter and be there for her but he prefaces this with some grade A horsepoop about what makes people gay.  OK, let’s synchronise eyerolls, in three, two, one:

So, one more time, we’re made gay by child abuse and straight people taking on gay roles.  That sounds about right.  Why do you think you’re gay?

Video credit: Right Wing Watch