Last chance to apply to be a Her Ambassador. Applications close at midnight tonight!

If you missed it in the Feed this week, we shared a video from our incredible Her Autumn party in London. It was an incredible evening that saw about 300 Her gals eat, drink, dance and sparkle the night away. It was epic. And it was all put together by our incredible network of Her Ambassadors in London. It went so well, we’re looking to run something similar in all our key cities across the world. From Austin to Vancouver to Manchester to Melbourne. But we need to find the Ambassadors to run them for us!
We’re looking for individuals to apply to be either a lead ambassador or a helper ambassador.
Each city will have one lead Ambassador. You will be our on the ground guru, organizing and leading your team of ambassadors, reporting to Her HQ on your local activities, responsible for accounting and all financial takings and you’ll be paid to be an extended member of the Her core team. You’ll be responsible for:
– Hosting 1 killer Her event per quarter – a meetup with great company, great food and music that gets all the Her gals together.
– Editing the Feed in your local area and chatting to all your local community
– Pitching us ideas for new and wonderful events you’d like to host
This is the perfect kind of job for someone that knows their local queer scene well, has always wanted to run a lesbian event, is excellent at sorting people, places and priorities and most importantly, gets shit done. You organize, you delegate and you create imaginative and exciting events for people to come along to.

Apply to be a lead Her Ambassador here

But if you’re not looking for the full responsibility, we’re also looking for Her Ambassadors as a volunteer role. You’ll be part of an extended group of about 20 in your city who will help with all the planning and the running of the event on the day.
Sound fun? Just wait until you actually start doing it. Our Her Ambassadors have made friends, girlfriends and a lot of incredible memories. It’s like having a whole new Her Girl Gang.

Apply to be a helper Her Ambassador here