Are you a Tumblr addict? We want to sponsor you!

If the answer is yes, then reach out – because we could sponsor your Tumblr!
If you’re a gal who loves to do any of these things:

  • Post/reblog tons of LGBTQ+ goodies to your Tumblr blog
  • Is obsessed with growing your audience
  • Makes gifs and shares art that get all the notes

You should email Berlyn at and tell us all about your blog.
We currently have an awesome group of sponsored Tumblrs like Girls Who Like Girls and Lesbians Love Cats (they do, right??).
These blogs support the LGBTQ+ community and in turn, we love to support them.
They are helping spread the word about our HER community so that we can continue to build a huge place for queer women. Do you want to help? Let us know!
And, if you’re not already, make sure to follow HER on Tumblr!