Bosom Buddies: Top Ten Bra Types

Today is a good day to pay some respect to the wonderful world of over-shoulder-boulder-holders.  The good, the bad, the one that makes your tatas looks amazing but hurts so much you can only wear it for an hour; all brave bra soldiers in our chest’s fight against gravity.
It’s high time we appreciate our bra’s hard work in keeping our boobs from knocking around our knees, so let’s raise a glass to these classic cups.

bra 1
bra 6
bra 2
bra 7
bra 8
bra 3
bra 9
bra 4
bra 5
bra 10
Ps. We totes did not create these images, we saw them on the Interwebs and wanted to share the funny with you 🙂