Dattch Crush: OITNB's Samira Wiley

Team Dattch have been dealing with some pretty big feelings this Summer, ever since season 2 of Orange Is The New Black was available on Netflix.  We kind of need to get something off our collective chest and just shout from the rooftops about our love for Samira Wiley aka Poussey on OITNB.
We need to talk about this because it was recently reported that Samira is dating OITNB writer, Lauren Morelli, who actually came out of the closet while working on the show.  We’re happysad about this.  Join us in swooning over Samira and wishing we were Lauren – although we can’t deny that we crush on Lauren too!


Samira, Samira, we wanna be near ya.  Yeah that was cheesy but crushes do funny things to people.  We first fell for Samira like everybody else from watching Orange Is The New Black, as she took on the role of prison sweetheart, Poussey Washington (“accent à droite, bitch“).  Let’s look back at the Litchfield lovely – a grey sweatshirts never looked so good.


Then we got a glimpse of a younger Poussey and we realised that German was a super sexy language.


And then we started seeing her out on the town and on Instagram with her castmates, friends and gracing the covers of magazines and we swooned even harder!  Not to mention that if you follow her on Twitter, you’ll see how sweet she is.

We <3 Samira! How cute is she?