Dattch Pick: CoppaFeel's #Whatnormalfeelslike Campaign

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we’re a fan of boobs, so we’re thrilled to see UK charity CoppaFeel’s latest campaign for better breast awareness, #whatnormalfeelslike.
UK readers may have already seen billboards for the campaign which made headlines this week as they featured real women’s breasts – not covered up, not airbushed to high heaven and not sexualised.  Just a set of boobs and a word the owner of said boobs felt best described the feel of them, not the look.  The campaign’s aim is to have women get to know their own boobs better so we can spot changes to them that could be an indication of breast cancer and to start owning our bodies and having open discussions about our breasts.
Women get so caught up describing our breasts by how they look but rarely do we talk about how they feel – this is hardly surprising given how sexualised women’s bodies are in the media.  Take a look at some of the posters from the CoppaFeel campaign featuring real breasts, this content may be considered NSFW.
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