Dattch Pick: Dating Dealbreakers

We’ve all got a little mental checklist of things that we consider a big no-no in the world of dating, be it eating with your mouth open, over pronouncing foreign words at a restaurant or the fact that someone is still watching Big Brother.  From a lesbian perspective, we’d also add in ‘identifies too much with Jenny Schecter from The L Word’.
One guy recently made waves with his OKCupid profile when he made a long-ass list of all the qualities he deemed unsuitable in his prospective dates and was found by Tumblr user baskauskas.  While it’s good to know what you like and don’t like in a partner, there’s a good chance this guy’s standards are too high or that he’s probably just a judgemental asshole because he’s basically saying, ‘I consider these qualities or actions flaws, please don’t have any flaws.’
Check out his enormous list of dating dealbreakers – what are yours?
He might get some attention with this list but did he put off way more people than he attracted?  We bet he did; positivity attracts people to you in dating, negativity can make people feel like they won’t be able to make you happy because you’re not already happy with yourself, especially when you direct this negativity outwards onto other people. Try to go a little easier on your potential dates if you’re thinking of adding a list of dealbreakers to your Dattch profile.