Dattch Pick: 50% Discount Code For GeekGirlMeetup Conference Tickets!

We love to celebrate women in tech because, well, we’re women in tech and, far too often, women are the minority at big technology events.  But not this weekend.  This Saturday, 27th September in London, women can come together and get their geek on at the GeekGirlMeetup Conference: Ubiquitous Technology.
‘A day long event held at Central Working in Whitechapel, with 200 attendees, over 30 speakers, Make It, Wear It and Game It rooms with 3D printers, wearables and consoles to get carried away in and a creche to ensure all women from teens to mums can attend.We’ll kick off the day with a power yoga session and end it with a blowout party until late in the night.’
There’ll be speakers from companies like Ebay, CoCo De Mer, Twilio and Barclays and loads more, so if you want to connect with the tech scene or just want to learn about cool stuff, you can get a massive 50% discount with the code geekgirldattch when you buy your tickets here.
That’s women, new and exciting technology, food, drink, childcare, cool speakers and an after party….