Dattch Pick: Homobiles

Since our Robyn is currently Stateside, the rest of Team Dattch have been daydreaming about living in America and what it would be like to see the Sun every day of the year.  We know that their healthcare is terrible and they’re a little slow on the gay rights uptake but still, the land of promise has a few amazing things left to keep us Brits on our toes.  One such thing is Homobiles.
A donation based cab service in San Francisco that caters to the LGBTQQIA community to provide them with safe cab rides.  Often experiencing homophobia from drivers from regular taxi companies, Homobiles make getting a ride home safe for any member of the gay community – particularly drag queens who are so often picked out from a crowd for discrimination.
Run entirely on donations, this company never turns someone away for not having the cash for a cab.
If you’re ever in San Francisco and needs a safe ride home for you and you girlfriend, gay friend, or anyone, check out HomobilesBut do you think this would work in London?  Leave a comment below.