Dattch Pick: Reverse Sexism

If you’ve ever walked down the street and been catcalled or become suddenly aware of the length of your skirt as soon as your walk into a public space then you’ll know that it sucks because it’s happening just because you’re a woman. We’ve all been called ‘Darlin’ by men who don’t think to ask our names or who comment on our looks and react negatively when we give them the brush off.
Now, not that guys should have to experience that feeling of vulnerability either, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see them understand how that behaviour makes us feel?
A French short film does exactly that. Oppressed Majority flips the genders to demonstrate how it looks when a man is treated like a woman; being called cutie, talked down to by people, treated as though he was asking for whatever abuse came his way. Check out the video and leave a comment below – can videos like this help us change people’s behaviours?