Dattch Pick: Roller Derby Tryouts!

It’s no secret that Team Dattch absolutely love us some Roller Derby.  The speed, the uniforms, the cool derby names…obviously the gorgeous girls doesn’t hurt and we know we’d rather watch a derby bout than the World Cup any day.
Exciting times are happening for the London Rollergirls because they’re organising tryouts for new skaters!  So if you’ve ever wanted to don the leggings, tank top and helmet of a derby girl, book your place now at the tryouts at City of London Academy in Bermondsey on 
“Do you have what it takes to be a London Rollergirl? It’s that time again – tryouts for the main league are here! Anyone is welcome to try out, you don’t have to come from LRG rec league – but please be aware that you will be expected to pass all minimum skills and be able to scrimmage.”
If you’d rather watch than skate yourself,  the London Rollergirls will be playing the Gotham Girls from New York, who are not only the #1 team in the world but who are also coming to the UK for the first time to play our girls on 12th July.  After a recent crowdfunding project to have the match streaming across the world, they reached their target of £2000 so if you didn’t manage to get your tickets (the match sold out in a day!) you can still get your derby fix online.