Dattch Pick: Thanks For The Mammaries

If we were in a position where we needed to have a mastectomy, there might be a few ways we’d react but probably none of Team Dattch’s variations of crying into Ben and Jerry’s would be as inspiring as what Bettina Hubby did.
Bettina’s story, also picked up by The Telegraph, starts with her diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer.  The night before her surgery, Hubby asked that friends post boob-related pictures to her Facebook page and before she knew it the page was filled with images of boobs and funny things that look like boobs.  Now the idea for the collection has now been turned into a real art exhibition in Los Angeles called Thanks For The Mammaries and runs until August 17. Dozens of artists have contributed work to the project and, just like real boobs, they come in all different shapes and sizes.

dattchboobsDattch’s version of boob-inspired pictures, from our London Pride sticker collection.

Hubby talked to The Cut about her decision to announce her mastectomy on Facebook:
“It dawned on me quite quickly that the way to go was to announce it, and not to be private about it, and not to be afraid of what people saw, or any kind of judgment. It actually became even more clear that it would help other people if I approached it with some kind of humor.”
The event page also auctioned off pieces from the collection with “25% and 75% of the sale of each piece going towards The Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center, a local Los Angeles charity that offers free support groups, counseling, and educational symposiums for those facing cancer, with specific support groups and educational outreach for breast cancer.”

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and have boobs, love boobs, want boobs or hate cancer, check out the Thanks For The Mammaries exhibition.