Dattch Picks: Best Mean Girls Anniversary Posts

It’s been 10 years since we learned that our favourite skirt is actually the ugliest effing thing Regina George has ever seen.  That’s right, Mean Girls was released 10 years ago and we thought we’d help you celebrate.  We hope you’re wearing pink or you can’t sit with us.
To get your fix and indulge in your big lessssbian crushes, we’ve listed the best articles and lists about our favourite movie for you to enjoy.  And if you’re a Londoner stuck in the tube strike traffic, you’ll need something to distract you.  Also, shoutout to our friends at Reprobait who indulge us in a Mean Girls Friday on Twitter every week.

And finally, we had to share our favourite mashup gifs of Mean Girls and Game of Thrones, enjoy.
game-of-thrones-mean-girls-gif-8 game-of-thrones-mean-girls-gif-1011-CoolMom game-of-thrones-mean-girls-gifs-161Credit: Mashable