Dattch Picks: 27 LGBTQ Portraits

What does a Queer look like? Or a Provacateur Lesbian Dandy? How about a Pansexual Gender Fluid Tomboy?¬† To those outside of the LGBTQ world, our language can seem confusing and unnecessary, but to the people who live these labels everyday, they’re essential words that allow them to be true to themselves.
Over on Policy Mic, there are 27 gorgeous portraits of a bunch of different queers and the labels they identify as, taken by photographer, Sarah Deragon, for The Identity Project.
“I’ve always known folks who feel that they don’t fall under the LGBT umbrella, which is the reason why we keep adding more¬†and more letters to the end of it. But identity is far more nuanced than that, especially when you ask someone about the gender identity/expression and sexuality,”
“This photo project shows us how incredibly diverse and creative we are! Participants in this project have taught me new words through the process and I just love how that’s one of the evolving parts of it. One of my hopes is for a teenager living in a small American town or someone in Asia or Russia to look at the photo project and finally be able to put a word/s to how they’ve been feeling for a long time. I hope that the project makes folks feel more connected to one another.”
Check out more of the great portraits at The Identity Project.