HER Picks: Top 3 Holiday Gift Guides

It’s that time again. Time for the 6 words that bring as much panic as they bring joy. “What do you want for …?” You’d think after years of hearing the same question from our parents, our siblings, our significant others, we’d be better equipped to tackle such a happy inquiry. But for most of us, not so much.
In preparation for this year’s holiday season, I put some advance thought into my Chrismukkah list. I think you’ll agree that it wound up pretty solid (and I’m fairly certain I’ll get everything I asked for):

1. socks
2. The Ultimate sports bra from Victoria’s Secret
3. Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon: Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda
4. cat tree (so my cat stops scratching my couch)
5. Kristen Stewart’s official coming out statement*

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.37.26 PM
*It was either that or a personal serenade from Tegan and Sara.
For those of us who didn’t think ahead, fear not! Our fellow list makers have created the perfect gift guides to help narrow the search this year. Here are our favorite lists for 2014:
A Feminist Gift Guide For Your Most Equality-Friendly BFFs (Huff Post Women)
HER Top Pick: this mug from Etsy
beyonce mug
AfterEllen.com’s Gift Guide for the Gay Girl 2014 (AfterEllen)
HER Top Pick: (absolutely everything) plus #4 of the Hippie Lez Witch collection
Autostraddle’s Ultimate Holigay Gift Guide 2014: What We Want (Autostraddle)
HER Top Pick: (also, everything) plus Audrey’s collection
audrey's colleciton
What’s on your list this holiday season?