Dattch Picks: Trans 100 List

If you’re a trans* person and feel like there aren’t many role models who are trans*, then check out this great list: The Trans 100.
Here’s a collection of incredible people who are doing great things and you can read about them and the vibrant and varied community.  Trans* visibility is improving with time and we can only hope that lists like these help in that effort. Co-Director of the list, Jen Richards, says of the project:

“Because the list itself is a form of activism, an effort to change the narrative around trans people, an opportunity for people in the community to learn more about others also in it, and a way of expanding the pool of people that the media can go to for input, because this is our first attempt at what will be an annual initiative, because this emerged from the community and is ultimately accountable to it, because of all these reasons and many more, we want to be transparent about the flaws we know about and address them directly.”
A list that’s trying to improve visibility, educate others and wants your feedback – we heart this.