Dattch Stitch n' Bitch Pics

Last week, we hosted the second Dattch Stitch n’ Bitch event in our very own office and we had a fantastic time. There was wine, women and wool which led to one stitcher to dub the night ‘Wild Woolly Wednesdays’.
From knitting newbies to total pros, we all had a great time being completely ridiculous and making a total mess. There was plenty of stitchin’ (some good, some…less good) and plenty of bitchin’. Basically, we really found out what happens when you ply a bunch of women with a lot of wine and a lot of wool (hint: #nipplestacks: we’re not telling!)
Our gorgeous supply of wool came from the amazing people at Rowan; the wool was so soft we’re pretty sure it’s what angels sleep on. The knitting newbies were taught how to get their stitch on by our instructor @BeatrixAlabama whom we love dearly and are really grateful to for helping us out.
Check out some snaps from the night and maybe we’ll see you in February for the next one!