Dattch's Stitch n' Bitch Is Happening! 5th March

Lesbians, bisexuals, queer and curious women can come along to our third Dattch Stitch n’ Bitch knitting meetup on Wednesday 5th March to learn how to get started, meet new people and have fun.
From untrained urchins to knitting nancys, this is an event for everyone. It’s not some Earth Mother healing group. Just straight up bitchin and straight up knittin.  For just £5 a ticket, you’ll get an introductory session to knitting, booze and amazing company – bargain, right?  We’ll provide some nibbles too; can’t have you puking all over the place, now can we?!  From 7pm til whenever we finish the wine 1opm, we’ll be having our own little knitting Kiki.
We’ve also been sponsored by the amazing Rowan who are giving us tonnes of beautiful wool to play with. So really, all you need to get started is yourself. And stories about your ex so we can slag her off.
Sign up and wait for the secret location to be revealed.  Our knitting queen will be Siân who’s on hand to teach all our knitting newbies how to get started.  If you’re an expert knitter, bring along whatever you’re working on and hangout with us anyway.
Got any questions? Email emily@dattch.com and she’ll have a good chinwag with you.