Day/Night/Secret: DJ Izzy Trixx

Day/Night/Secret gives you the lowdown from Lesbian and Bisexual girls across the UK for dating, clubbing and everything in-between.

Name:  Izzy Trixx
Age:  24
Location:  East London
Occupation:  DJ
I moved to the UK from Singapore six years ago and into London two years ago. I DJ, inline skate, play guitar, was in a glam rock band for four years, own an incredible amount of leather jackets and hot pants, love all kinds of music and going out and meeting new people.


drunkenmonkeyDrunken Monkey – Shoreditch High St
The perfect for place to start a night or go when you’re hungover.  It has an Indochine vibe, delicious dim sum, incredible cocktails and wicked music.

Image: Blood Sweat And Fashion


MissFit – at The Stokey Stop on Stoke Newington High Street
A new lesbian night in a dingy underground club but still pretty spacious. Great music and full of swag!

Image: Missfit Facebook


204-vibe-bar-1336416061Vibe Bar – Brick Lane
I like to walk down brick lane, shop in their vintage shops and then go to vibe bar next to the brewery because I feel like i’m not in the hustle and bustle of London. Right outside they have an open bbq that does the most delicious mango and chicken wraps and at night theres infinate choice of where the night can take you

Image: Guestlistspot

izzy150Catch Izzy on Twitter @IzzyTrixxDJ and go see her play your favourite songs at Ruby Tuesdays and a tonne of other lez nights around London.