Day/Night/Secret: Miri

Day/Night/Secret gives you the lowdown from Lesbian and Bisexual girls across the UK for dating, clubbing and everything in-between.

Name:  Miri
Age:  34
Location: London
Occupation:  Singer-songwriter
I am a full time singer-songwriter and love being able to gig at so many unique places. Every month I co-promote a live music night for gay & bi women (although everyone is welcome!) called Blue Monday at The Boogaloo in Highgate. recently received radio airplay on BBC London for my song ‘Broken City’ and three of my tracks feature in Fear Of Water, a new British film starring Skins actress Lily Loveless.


bricklaneBrick Lane – I recently did a photo shoot around Brick Lane. I love it! It’s got so much bustle and creative spark. I love Rough Trade and all the different food places – I love food!

Image: EastEnd Tours



Bar Titania, Charing Cross – A friend of mine manages Bar Titania in Charing X and invited me to perform for the launch night. It’s got such good vibes and the owner is really lovely too.

Image: Planet London



cornwall_1899768bIt’s by the sea – Although I’ve always had firm roots in London, I grew up by the sea – it’s calm and has a peaceful timelessness to it, it’s a place where I can just be still – but I’m not going to tell you where it is, because then it wouldn’t be a secret!

Image: The Telegraph

miri150Find out more about Miri and Blue Monday on her official website.

Image: Si Braybrooke at 142media 2014