Did you meet your BFF, girlfriend or bae on HER?

Working for HER, you always hear these amazing stories of engagements & weddings; of relationships that didn’t work out but now are BEST mates; and of girls that finally found their #lesbiansquad & now hit all the queer parties together.
Did you meet a friend, a bff, a tennis hitting partner or your wife on HER? Then email us pictures of you two (or your group) and tell us how you met.
The best ones will be featured in a blog post. Our favourite one will get HER tanks!

Just send the story of how you met and photos to:


You guys kissing, partying, hugging, marrying, we want to see it all!
If you don’t care about letting the whooole wiiide worldddd knowing about it, we’d also love to use the best photos and stories for promotional material – so if we think your story is awesome, we will be asking if you’re ok with that.