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Do soulmates exist? Have you found yours?

By HER Team |

Yes. Chocolate does count.

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meagainsttheworld07 | 3 years ago

They dont :/

Krisi | 3 years ago

Well I have to add a second part to my first comment..... I didn't consider the possibility of "more than one soulmate", but since my first comment, I met someone and even though there's no chance of any future possibilities for us to be together, I would have told you that we were meant to be, written in the stars somewhere and it was supposed to get erased or something because they writ a different story for me and him at the last moment.....
I don't know.... I'm sure there are plenty of possibilities as to why we met at the wrong time in our lives but we did regardless.
And the connection, attraction, desire we experienced was too strong to even consider being casual friends, so to protect and preserve others and their places we had to walk away from each other after only two short weeks.
I can't help but think of what we could have been, and incredibly easy and perfect it would have been if we had met at the right time in our lives.
I apologize for carrying on when I was only making a comment, but the thought of that person, takes my clear thoughts somewhere else....
So yeah I believe there is the possibility of some having more than one soulmate out there in the universe searching without even knowing that's what they're doing..

D | 3 years ago

I did but, I don't know if you're out there I'm waiting👌🏼