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Do you follow a specific diet? Every comment gets $10 Platejoy credit!

By HER Team |
Paleo? Vegan? Gluten-free? Raw? Meat heavy? It seems like everyone has their own set of requirements when it comes to food but most of us are trying to eat in a way that is a bit healthy but that makes us feel good.
The two biggest challenges about eating well – what to cook & how to cook it. In step – Platejoy. They’re an awesome service that lets you take a Personalization Quiz, figure out what the best food for you is and gives you recipes and shopping lists for the weeks ahead. So you don’t need to stress about the decision making, but just get to enjoy the cooking and obviously, THE EATING.
Because they are rad and we love you, every SINGLE person that comments on this post gets a $10 voucher for Platejoy (make sure your email is up to date in your Account Settings or enter EAT-HER at checkout) and one lucky person will win a whole years subscription. It normally costs $8 / month so every commenter gets 1 month free and one entry will win a whole year’s subscription.
Just answer and tell us what kind of diet you have, good, bad or down right ugly, comment to win!

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Recent comments:

Ebony | 3 years ago

Healthy meals and not harsh ways to cook them . Apple cider vinegar water with lemon throughout the day

KyraKaleidaskape | 3 years ago

My #Raw'Til4 goals have made me alter a better solution for me personally, so this is what I'm rockin with:

-2eggs any style in the AM (whites, whole fried, very little cheese, or veggie it up
-rawish lunch (shirazi & hummus, veggies w/ cream cheese, pretzels or kettle chips, etc.)
-in between meals/ snack smoothies or kombucha (always ripe bananas, sometimes some chia or flax, add variety of other fruit usually tart, berries preferred, and citrus nectarine, peach, mango, etc, probiotic powder, nut milk, cocoa powder)
-dinner is freestyle (I omnivorously enjoy small portions of meat, fish/seafood, poultry @ this time, dark rices, lentils, quinoa, beans, bronze cut non-semolina pasta, lightly cooked vegetables
-dessert (melons should always be eaten alone from other fruits, maybe some homemade whipped cream)

Virginia | 3 years ago

Low carb.--- Progresso Soups for every dinner!