DOWNLOAD the Her Update today!

Hey Her Gang! We have a spanking new update in the app store for you today – make sure you download it from here
Here’s what you need to know about your new update:
1 – Messaging! We’ve done a refresh of all our messaging which should make it a lot faster and more reliable. It’s possible there will be a couple of bugs as it first rolls out but we’ve got our eyes on it and should be able to fix anything as it comes up so just let us know if you’re having issues on
Most excitingly we’ve added the ‘…’ icon – so now you can see when someone is writing to you. No more wondering, now you know for sure if she’s on the other side of the chat.
2 – Japan & Thailand – we’re finally releasing the app in Japan & Thailand so WELCOME!
3 – Network drops – we’ve put in alert banners if you’ve lost connection so you know if you’re seeing issues because your network is down or not connected.
That’s it for this build. Let us know what you think below, if you’re having any issues please send us an email! Or if you’re digging it, please leave us a review on the app store – the more reviews we get, the more Apple promotes the app & the more users we get joining the community. YAY.
Robyn x