Ellen Page Marries Her Girlfriend in Secret. And now they are every kind of #relationshipgoals

With 2017 being such a tough year for the LGBT community, a lot of us have been braced for what 2018 would bring. Thankfully, we’re kicking off the new year with good news!

Ellen Page and her girlfriend Emma Portner, just announced that they are officially married! 😍


That’s right. There’s hope for all of us again. With this exciting news, let’s recap all the times that they were #relationshipgoals (now #wifegoals)

1.  You might remember in September when Page brought Portner to the Flatliners movie premiere and they posted this picture


2. Because Ellen Page in a suit, am I right?


3. Everyone loves to snuggle up with a loved one in some comfy sweaters.


4. When they created this choreographed dance. (If you didn’t know, Portner is a professional dancer and choreographer.)


5. And finally, nothing beats love during the holiday season.

According to Page, they met on Instagram.

It never hurts to send that first message to someone who catches your eye. 😉