Ellen Page Talks To Ellen DeGeneres About Coming Out

Our two favourite Ellens (we can only think of two anyway, but still) sat down and talked about the experience of coming out as gay.  Ellen Page spoke with US daytime queen Ellen DeGeneres about the experience of coming out in a very public way; something the pair have in common.
It’s 17 years since Ellen DeGeneres came out on her hit sitcom, Ellen, and she suffered a tremendous backlash following her coming out.  After a while, things settled down and the American public began to remember that Ellen was still sweet, smart, hilarious and it was these qualities that landed her one of the biggest talk shows in TV history.  She went on to host the Academy Awards twice, she’s won the Mark Twain prize for American Humour and has won multiple Emmy Awards.  DeGeneres has long been a beacon to the LGBT community and it’s heartening to see the younger generation heed Ellen’s example.
Page’s coming out was a long time coming for the actress, having been out to her family since she was 19, but ultimately, coming out is a personal choice that can only be made when you’re ready.  Watch Page talk about how she feels the weight of her secret has now been lifted from her wee Canadian shoulders.