EyeSpy: Lisa Luxx

Our favourite ‘preditor-in-chief’, Lisa Luxx, has taken some snaps of a day in her life as the creator of Prowl House, a magazine for counter-culture artists.  They have crazy parties, genius poets and up and coming artists showcasing their work so you should jump on this bandwagon right now and check it out.
1My writing desk with incense, cacti, empty Hibiki bottles, old copies of The Face, Aldous Huxley on hand and my pet shark, Lucio Nikka. I get pretty excited about my work and today, like most days, I’m at my work station before I’ve even taken a morning piss.
2As it approaches midday and my concentration starts to wane I begin to get showered, dressed and ready. My wardrobe is made up of independent designers I love such as Benaiah Matheson, who’s white and black top you can see here, that’s what I pull out to wear today.
3While getting some fuel in my body I study Oz magazine, a 60’s/70’s full colour psychedelic rag that offers me ample inspiration for PROWL.
4Heading out to town on my cruiser.  I don’t like bikes and I suck on rollerskates so I got myself a board to dart around the city on.
5I swing by a few PROWL stockists to find out how the magazine is selling.  This is when I tend to play my favourite game, “which magazine stands out the most on this shelf” as I proceed to fall into a vortex of glossy pages and weird editorials.
6Check out this stop sign on Wardour Street that caught my eye on my way home. Immediately it reminds me of a Stop sign back in my hometown of Huddersfield which legitimately reads “STOP… hammertime”.
7These notebooks have been carried around with me for two years while I work on my next collection of poetry.
8When I arrive at my friend Adam’s in the evening, he shows me these cards; Oblique Strategies created by Brian Eno in 1975 which help artists overcome blocks by using lateral thinking. My card read “which frame would make this look right?”
LISALUXX150Lisa Luxx is a poet and preditor-in-chief of PROWL magazine, a print publication celebrating independent, subversive (and often badly behaved) creativity. She tweets from @lisaluxx_ or become part of the PROWL gang by following us on Twitter and Instagram.