EyeSpy: Siân

Siân, 23, is an artist and gallery assistant who ‘isn’t quite selling my work for millions of pounds yet (or any pounds at all for that matter)’ but is having a great time living and working in London.  Step into her shoes and see what she sees in a day.

bMorning! I start my day staring at my amazing day of the dead decorations I brought back from a trip to Mexico, they certainly brighten up the prospect of leaving my bed.
2Unashamedly listening to pop classics.  Cheesy pop music is amazing and no one’s gonna convince me otherwise.
sians3I love working as a gallery assistant, it’s a really lovely job.  I’m especially fond of the walk through the park to the gallery. There’s 2 new exhibitions opening on March 5th so it’s an exciting time for me to learn a bit more about the artists and designers!
sians2Love the views of the Serpentine, they never get old 🙂
fI bought myself some flowers on my way to the art studio. I’m good like that, ladies 😉
cBuying supplies in Atlantis, the East End Mecca for artists.
5My second home, Bow Arts new artist studios in Stratford.
aLooking over the original sketches for my painting.  Multiple versions and lots of planning has gone into my current project and I’m excited to see people’s reactions to it.
sians1Here’s a glimpse at something I made recently.  My subject matter is female sexuality and I explore different ways of expressing that. I’m also currently working on getting a few of these pieces displayed in some projects which will be exciting!
8Being an artist is hungry work, so I met my Dad for a cheeky little Nandos.
eI finished off my day with an evening at the ICA gallery for the private view of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition. A few of my friends have work in the show, it was great to see them and catch up with other art school friends!
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Siân is an artist, freshly graduated from the Slade school and forging her own path through the London art scene; you can see her work here www.sianlandau.co.uk
She’s one of the Dattch Queens, an avid knitter, and drinks so much tea it’s definitely an addiction! Follow her on twitter @sianlandau