Queer Festival with Trans* and Lesbian Films Starts Next Week

Lesbian and trans* women are well-represented in the Fringe! Queer Arts & Film Festival.
The LGBT event will be held for its fourth year in London, from the 3rd to the 9th of November. The full programme is available online. 
The festival will host the UK premiere of  Naomi Campbel, an experimental film following a trans* woman who turns to reality TV for surgery.  It will also premiere Out in the Night, a doc following a group of friends whose New York night out ends with them being branded a ‘gang of killer lesbians’.
Events dedicated to the Riot Grrrl movement also look pretty great.
There’s a Dyke In The Pit curated by Kanchi Wichmann, Val Phoenix and Amelia Abraham will pay tribute to queercore.
It includes lectures, live music, films, zines and rare footage, culminating in a screening of Jill Reiter’s ‘lost film’ In Search of Margo-go starring Kathleen Hanna, accompanied by a live band.
Tickets are available on their official website.