Fund This KickStarter For An LGBTQ friendly Cafe In London

We all know that there a bunch of new lesbian bars that have opened up in the wake of London’s famous Candy Bar closing down, but what we’re sorely missing is a really queer-identified day space.  Now we’ve got the chance to help fund one through a KickStarter project.
Coffee, Cake And Kisses could be the next LGBTQ-friendly place that we can enjoy going to during the day if they can finish raising the money to get it off the ground.  They’re super close to their £35k target, just need a bit more to make this exciting project a reality.

coffee350My Zone

‘Coffee, Cake & Kisses, a new LGBTQ-friendly cafe and meeting place, aiming to provide a comfortable, non-judgemental space for the exploration of all things carnal and cerebral, inclusive and welcoming of all genders, sexualities, relationship models and lifestyles.’
Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  If you believe in this project and would love to have a daytime social space to eat, drink and be gay in, click here to donate.  There are different awards available for different amounts donated so think of it as supporting a good cause and buying yourself something cool like event tickets, subscriptions, cakes and kisses!
The KickStarter closes at noon on Sat 15th march so get your wallets out now!