Funny Is Her Business

By Kacie
cameron at the indy
I was lucky enough to catch Cameron Esposito at The Indy this past Sunday.  And by lucky I mean I bought a full-priced ticket and camped out before doors at 7pm.  Most people shy away from the front row at comedy clubs, but I highly recommend a prime viewing location for this show.  You’ll thank me later.
From my prime viewing location I caught a pretty good glimpse of the crowd.  Amongst the sea of comedy lovers was a strong subsect of San Francisco lesbians (say that 5 times fast).  We were out in full force to support Cameron and laugh our asses off.  And we did.
cameron & rhea
As a bonus, Cameron’s equally hilarious fiancé, Rhea Butcher, opened the show with a set that had the audience warmed up and ready for (more) greatness.
When Cameron took the stage the usual mixture of positive energy and sexual tension was palpable.  Believe me when I say, finer jokes have never been told…  It’s not because she’s a lesbian that we love her.  It’s not because she’s a woman.  It’s not because she wears a side mullet and a jean jacket better than any human, ever.  It’s because she’s a brilliant comic who keeps the conversation fresh and relevant (and for all those other reasons too).  Cameron Esposito is exactly what today’s media needs – and we’re so glad she’s out there!
The tour is far from over so get your tickets to the next show in your city asap:
11/5 ComedyWorks (Denver)
11/7 Bell House (New York Comedy Festival)
11/14-15 Legends (San Diego)
12/19 Melrose Improv (Los Angeles)
1/3 Mississippi Studios (Portland)
1/4 Re-bar (Seattle)
1/15 The Hideout (Chicago)
1/23 SF Sketchfest (San Francisco)

the independentDo the right thing and snag a copy of Cameron’s new comedy album Same Sex Symbol.  I did.

same sex symbo - cameron esposito

Check out more videos here.

Cameron Esposito – Reel from cameron esposito on Vimeo.