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Have you ever changed for someone?

By Robyn |
Robyn Exton is the CEO & Founder of HER. She likes to do everything in extremes. Running, eating, drinking, partying, working, slobbing, dancing, talking (cue The L Word theme song). It's all or nothing with this one. So don't expect her to mince her words or her opinions.

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Recent comments:

Angie L | 4 years ago

I became submissive to her Dom

SurferMama | 4 years ago

No but I am willing to

Naomi | 4 years ago

Yup. Changed so much I didn't recognise myself. I Changed my hairstyle and colour, let go of the ethical values my parents had taught me, changed my religion and lost all sense of common decency! Haha and even then I didn't dump the person, Never again! 🙈 Now a year on, I'm finally back to my old self.. Only a little wiser I hope :p