Having Women in Leadership Roles Mathematically Increases a Company's Success

In recent flurry of publications and research pieces it is now mathematically proven to be better for a company to have women in leadership roles and on Executive Boards. Which comes as a surprise to no one.
Fast Co. has recently aggregated a series of reports looking at various performance indicators for companies and found that those with women in leadership roles and at board level generate more effective teams, generate better bottom-line financial performance and generate better bottom-line corporate financial performance.
So how do we scale this up and get the absurd number of companies with no female representation to start taking action? They suggest 3 key initiatives:

  1. Seek Women Directors and C-suite Executives: Adding women to your top management teams has proven benefits.
  2. Recruit Smartly: Women have the potential to make teams more effective and enhance corporate performance, but you still need to do a good job recruiting. Women candidates still have to possess the skills and capabilities of the ideal candidate.
  3. Enhance Team Performance: High-performing teams don’t just happen organically, even with women on the team. They take work and effective leadership. Determine your team’s TQ and if it’s high, great. If it’s low, there’s work to be done to position the team to create economic value. The TQ assessment will highlight where the team is weak, and the appropriate intervention can be introduced.

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