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HELP! How do I tell my mom I like muff?

By Her Anonymous ..... Shhh!!! |

“I’ve known for a few years now that I’m into women but I don’t have a girlfriend and I have no idea how to just turnaround to my parents and say – tada! Im a lezzzzzbian. Any tips on how to find the right moment, literally what to say & things that made it a bit easier?” Anon.




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Patches | 4 years ago

After seeing a photo with me and another woman, who was a friend, my mom told me it was ok if I was gay. I said I didn't know I needed approval... She said her and her friends knew I was a lesbian for 3 reasons.

1. I have short hair
2. I'm mechanical
3. I don't walk like a woman.

Katy | 4 years ago

I just came out over Facebook

When my mom found out she told me "god wants you to be straight"

Michele | 4 years ago

I had never even had a girlfriend but thought it was time to just say it... Mom knew before I did, she took me actually saying the words better than I did