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HER’s Head of Trust & Safety has seen it all

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Oct 19, 2023

HER’s Head of Trust & Safety has seen it all
  • Meet AJ Marroquin, Head of Trust and Safety at HER

    Pronouns: he,they

    Q: So, AJ, how’d you find your way to being the go-to person for Trust and Safety at HER?
    AJ Marroquin:
    Oh, you know, the usual route—saw the job on LinkedIn and thought, “Why not?” I’ve spent a good chunk of time in customer satisfaction, usually as the token queer in the room. So, landing a gig at an LGBTQIA+ company? Total dream come true, honestly.

    Q: Mind diving a bit into those personal safety concerns you mentioned?
    : For sure. Being queer in the Midwest had its own set of, let’s say, ‘unique challenges.’ A lot of folks weren’t out and about, so you never really knew who was on the other end of the chat. And being open online? Scary stuff.

    Q: How do you feel about HER’s ‘real faces, real names’ policy?
    AJ: I’m all in. Now that I’m out and proud, it’s awesome to connect with people who want to know the real me, not some filtered version. HER sets the stage for that kind of openness, and I’m here for it.

    Q: Any must-haves in terms of safety features when you’re swiping on a new app?
    AJ: Oh, absolutely. Top of the list is going incognito—love me an ‘invisible mode.’ Next, I’m all about solid moderation. I wanna be able to block and report stuff that’s sketchy, both for my sake and for the queer fam around me.

    Q: Got an app that makes you go, ‘Hmm, maybe not so safe?’
    AJ: There’s one with a map feature that’s kinda iffy. But, hey, they do try to balance it out with stuff like location scrambling and convo guides to help you steer clear of scams. Plus, they drop some useful info like cruising spots and where to get STI tests. Props for that.

    Q: How do you and the team keep up with the ever-changing queer world?
    AJ: We’re always learning, man. Sharing what we know, filling in the gaps for each other. Our team is all over the globe, so we get to hear about the latest and greatest from LGBTQIA+ scenes everywhere. We even chat with queer collectives internationally to make sure we’re not just stuck in our own bubble.

    AJ also asked y’all to read up on common scammer tactics in our Trust & Safety center.

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    Taylor Gobar is the indomitable force behind HER's marketing strategy. Hailing from sunny San Diego, CA, Taylor's heart is set on Berlin, a city that pulsates with progressive values and politics. But for now, you'll find them shaking things up in the NYC political scene, passionately pushing for socialist policies in the Lower East Side. And if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Taylor's musical prowess at the city's karaoke bars, where they're known to belt out a tune or two. Because who said revolutionaries can't have a little fun?

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