HER Cat: The Purrfect April Fools

A couple of weeks ago we realised it was coming up to April Fools’ Day. I’ve always been a fan, from a young age, of the slapstick pranks. And it just so happens, the tech industry feels the same. Every year startups and huge organisations release videos and apps to make you think they’ve really lost it this time (you can read a good roundup here).
So we decided to kick in. For a whole day, HER existed no more, and it was just: HER Cat.
We spent our weekend filming a jokes video (thanks team). We had some friends help us edit it (thanks friends). And Barbara killed it, bossing us all around and telling us what was needed. With a couple of days hustle she was ready to roll. Every single photo in the app was going to be replaced with a picture of a cat, and her.cat would be our new domain (we’re keeping the website live, it’s too good for us to turn off).
And the reaction was purrrrfect. From hate, to shock, to laughs to love. We had it all.
Imani kicked us off, telling it to us straight.
But Rafaella was quickly in on the gag.
Perhaps one of our FAVOURITES from the day was Clover. Despite being worried about our decision-making processes, she was kind of into the idea, even if that was the future of the app. But then, the realisation dawned on her, and we got to see her thought process unfold. Clover, we love you.
Hannah was in a pretty similar boat, worried about where her ACTUAL cat pics had gone.
Jasmin was certainly not feeling the cats. Like, at ALL. Sorry Jasmin.
And Jessica was caught in the age old battle of dogs vs. cats.
Dame was talking to the kitty in the mirror.
And Imogen. Well, Imogen just summed up the whole day for us really.
We hope it made you chuckle and that we fooled a few of you. HER Cat is sadly in retirement for now, but we hope you had a bunch of new matches (from liking cats), and that you ended up pleasantly surprised by the new friends you’ve made. Until next year… mwahahaha.

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