Hey Kevin D. Williamson, Your Transphobia Is Showing

This past Sunday, for some bizarre reason, the Chicago Sun-Times reprinted a piece by Kevin D. Williamson from the National Review with his thoughts on Orange Is The New Black star, Laverne Cox.
Anyone with a head knows that Cox is a transwoman because she speaks about her experiences so eloquently and very publicly. She has inspired millions of people to embrace themselves and family members who may be struggling with transitioning or the negative attitudes they face in society.
So it came as quite a shock to basically anyone with a heart that Williamson consistently referred to Cox as ‘he’ in an article which was sensitively titled, ‘Laverne Cox is not a woman’.  Only read it if you like getting really angry.


His use of inflammatory words like ‘amputation’ and ‘mutilation’ only serve to deliberately misrepresent the experience of those who choose to have reassignment surgery.  
Kat Callahan has an excellent breakdown
of just how much of a misinformed transphobe Williamson is.
If you’re wondering why we might even post about this story, giving it the time of day, it’s because transphobia isn’t dead and people like Williamson still get to write articles like this.  There’s still work to be done.