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How did you meet the last person you dated?

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Candy | 2 years ago

Hooked up on a blind date

Katrina | 2 years ago

I met my ex wife at church. Service had started and we both were late... Once inside, we had no reason not to sit together, so we did. Once service had ended, we walked out and started to talk with one another. 2nd service started and ended, and we were STILL there talking. Ppl stopped and asked us if we were in need of help or if we were ok cause we were there for more than 4 hours. I finally asked her to have lunch with me. I took her to my fav place and made sure she was happy. I totally forgot that I worked 3rd shift the night b4 and had to be at work very soon. So I had no choice but to return her back to her car, and rush off to work. At about 1:30 AM I get a text from her. "Had a really great time, thank you". Not sure how I should take that, I asked her for another date. She agreed and dinner/movie that next night was set. We never left one another's side for 4 years. We moved together to another state, only to break up. The day we broke up, I was ready to ask her to marry me😔. Now we remain friends and her family welcomes me to every holiday gathering. (Mother in law prays for us to get back together again, mom loves me more than my ex could ever love me!)
End scene!

Jill | 2 years ago