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In light of this weekend’s tragic events, we’d like you to share your stories of peace and inspiration from across the world – what makes you still believe in the goodness in humanity?

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Marciie | 3 years ago

Please to be mad. But I love for God. But maybe it's where I go or who I am around. But Philly ignorance has grown. I blame lack of knowledge but at the same time most people don't want to engage or at least try to understand. They are quick to have an opinion and comment on something they know little about: or quick to repost something because it's funny not understanding the actual meaning.

Lynnette | 4 years ago

Lucy that is very true ... People start caring with compassion and not with ignorant .....

TigerHuggz | 4 years ago

Perhaps simplistic, but driving through the Starbucks and finding out the car in front of me had paid my order. I passed it forward and was told I was the 6th person to perpetuate the random generosity. I was very impressed with the intent and ingenuity.