Jet-set to OlaGirls

Have you heard of OlaGirls, the Lesbian Mediterranean Getaway on 5-6-7 June? If you haven’t, we’re here to introduce you two. OlaGirls is THE destination holiday for lesbians in Calpe, Alicante.
It’s the women-only weekend you’ve been dreaming of since your baby gay days. Why hasn’t anyone taken over a Mediterranean beach town and filled it with ALL THE LESBIANS? you would say to yourself. Oh wait, they have. And now OlaGirls is giving you the perfect excuse to head to Heathrow, JFK, Logan, SFO, etc. etc. and board your plane to paradise.
Oh look, it really is paradise!

Calpe, Spain

We’re talkin’ beaches, babes and booze in a gay-friendly setting. There are networking opportunities for the businesswomen and entrepreneurs amongst us, hiking for those outdoorsy types, a gourmet food fair and wine tasting for the culinary-inclined, excursions to archaeological sites, a poker tournament, volleyball and beach football (obviously), LGBT dance classes, sex toy parties, speed dating, live performances, and nightlife featuring some of the best DJs on the international lesbian scene (oh Hey, Ruby).
Are we there yet? I’m about to buy a ticket RIGHT NOW.
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Learn more about the weekend here, and book your flight asap! Use this AMAZING discount code: HER50 to receive 50% your Activities Pass! Let’s make Calpe one of the biggest LGBT tourism destinations in Spain.


Ready, set, jet.