Keys to the House: Community Guidelines

Community guidelines? WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE?!

Didn’t even know that HER had those, did you? Of course we do! We want your experience inside of the app to be a space where you can be yourself 100% of the time, and feeling safe while doing so.

Community guidelines are just that, a guide to how the HER Community works. Understanding what posts will be removed, how an account gets suspended (and unsuspended), and content we want to see more of. When you ask “why did my post get removed?” or “why was my account suspended?” or “how do I get rid of this fake profile that just messaged me?” this is where you want to get your information.

Snapchat codes, group chat calls and nude photos are quick examples of content that are not allowed in the app. Questions about dating, links to articles and funny memes are definitely content that we want filling the app.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to any moderators, email support or DM Shana, who is the Head of Community, and they will be sure to respond. It’s a quick read, so be sure to check them out. It will make you a HER Professional in no time.

Community Guidelines