Keys to the House: Conversation Starters

You’ve done the work, swipe left – swipe left – swipe left – then you finally swipe right and get a match. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Now what…? We completely understand that this happens. You get a match and you are tongue tied, you are not sure how to open the conversation or worried about their response. Or you genuinely forgot because you got a match during a big test, while you were at work or spending time with your family. That is where HER’s message prompts pop in.

24 hours after a match happens, and both of you are still a bit tongue tied, HER sends a conversation starter to help get the party started. These conversation starters range from would you rather to asking about your favorite activities. This way, the hard part is done and you get to either jump into the topic at hand, or allow it to be a segue into another conversation.

The important thing is that you get a chance to take that leap forward to talk with your future #WeMetOnHER story (we hope!). And while these are a little nudge in the right direction, you definitely have the ability to get the party started yourself and let the other person feel some relief.

Wondering how to turn these off? Start the conversation before it reaches 24 hours 😀 Happy talking.