Keys to the House: Make Your Photos Work!

Profile photos are the main thing that show the community who you are. We’ve already made it easy by giving you the prime number for photos on your profile, now let’s pick the best ones. Many people wonder why they aren’t getting likes, and to be honest it is probably the photos. Does it show your interests? That you have friends? Here are the top do’s and don’ts for profile images.

  1. DO make your first photo a clear image of you. No sunglasses, no filters, no artsy things – just you. Make sure it is clear and bright. This way people see an awesome first impression of who you are and it makes people more inclined to see what else you are about
  2. DON’T make your first photo a picture of you and someone else. It makes it confusing and people are more likely to immediately pass you because they are either 1. Upset that you are not your friend 2. Don’t feel like taking the effort to find out which one of the people in the photo is you
  3. DO show photos of you doing a variety of things. Showing the same selfie is boring AF. It doesn’t give the person an idea of who you are. Do you play sports? Love to go to concerts? Really good at axe throwing? Show yourself off, no time for humble brags in your photos
  4. DON’T post quotes and text. If they want to read more about you, add those to your bio, that is where they can get to know you. And if you got them to go to your profile that is over half the battle done.
  5. DO post pets! People love animals (especially anyone in the LGBTQ+ community) and that will give you major bonus points. But DON’T post the animal if it is not yours. Don’t give people the hope that they might meet that adorable animal if it is not yours, just sets the date up for failure already

These are just a few tips and tricks. Now make your updates and see the likes come rolling in. We want you to be our next #WeMetOnHER story!