Keys to the House: What does this mean? The LGBTQ+ Alphabet

Everyday you are an out and proud individual. Recognizing many of the popular sexual and gender identities, open and accepting to the different parts of the rainbow spectrum – but once you get past the “+” in LGBTQ+ you might have some difficulty recalling what every identity name means. This is where we came to help with our “What does this mean?” feature.

With our list of different gender and sexual identities inside of the app (over 30 identities combined) it starts to feel like a pop quiz on how well you know these different identities. Sometimes you feel embarrassed to ask or simply hadn’t heard of that identity name just yet. When you go to edit your gender identity, sexual identity and pronouns on the app, there will be a menu available that will show you the definition of each of the identities listed in the app.

And as always, if you don’t feel that one of these describes you (or that too many of them do) then you have the choice to either ‘self describe’ or ‘prefer not to say’. Some of the best self describes we have received include:
– Tired
– I like what I like
– Human
– More of a noncommittal, wiggly hand gesture

If you ever feel that there are any missing identities that should be listed in the app, please reach out to