Keys to the House: What if I just want to find friends?

You’ve done the dating thing. You’re over swiping for one off, expensive hangs. You’ve found the love of your life, but just U-Hauled to a new city and want to hang out with some other LGBTQ+ peeps. Whatever the reason, this is why HER has the option for you to add friends on your profile.

HER is all about building community, and we don’t just want it to be a community full of your exes. On every persons profile there is the option to “Add Friend”. This will send them a notification that you are interested in being friends. If it leads to more later, bonus – but for now we are focused on making a connection. Once that person accepts the friend request, you will receive a notification that they have accepted and opens up a chat box for you to chat. The next step is for you to ACTUALLY message them. No pressure here though, they are looking for friends too!

Another benefit for adding friends, is that it adds content to your feed. What better way to get to know someone then seeing what they post in an LGBTQ+ community forum? Any friend that you add in the app, their posts will show up under your ‘Feed’ tab. There you can comment, tag and like their posts and they can do the same for you. Once you get to know each other, don’t forget to meet up in person so you can be friends IRL too!