Lesbians & Fireworks. Obviously.

It’s the 5th November and in the UK that means – BONFIRE NIGHT. Big parties all across the country with bonfires, fireworks, sparklers, cider and toffee apples. We wrap up warm and take ourselves to a park, with nearly unbearable crowds, humungous queues, a bit of rain and a longer wait than you can handle calmly. But then, all of a sudden, everything lights up and it becomes one of the most magical nights of the year.
The beautiful tradition stems from the day Guy Fawkes tried to blow up our whole government. An obvious reason to celebrate because he didn’t quite make it and screwed the whole thing up. If you’re into the whole history vibe you can read more about our fine history with fireworks here, courtesy of the fine BBC.
However, being a lesbian app and lesbian obsessed business, our minds obviously jumped straight to – what does this mean for lesbians?? So, we turned it into a the most perfect post of lesbians AND fireworks. Because, well, we couldn’t think of anything more fabulous in the world. Enjoy.
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Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 22.46.54
Bonus straight material, because we can all wish